In the rapidly developing world of manufacturing and industry, automation is essential to remain competitive. At Famateq we look at what our customers need to improve their processes. We stand next to our customers and respond quickly to their questions, because the lines are short. Our level of knowledge, our years of experience and our multidisciplinary view give us insight into the big picture, attention to important details and knowledge of tomorrow’s trends. Everything to move our customers forward. We do this together with experienced engineers and technicians from our branch in Yerseke.

Our expertise extends into two important areas: process automation and panel construction.

With process automation we optimize your production processes, increase efficiency and reduce operational costs. From programming PLCs to implementing advanced systems, we deliver solutions that take your production to new heights.

We can assist you from A to Z in the field of panel construction. We design, engineer, build and install custom-made switch cabinets that meet the latest applicable standards. Whether it concerns control cabinets, distribution panels or specific solutions for your industry, we supply panels that perfectly meet your needs.

At Famateq we believe in the power of integration. By combining our expertise in industrial automation with our knowledge of electrical engineering, we offer complete solutions that make your company more efficient and competitive.

Choose Famateq as your partner in industrial automation and discover the possibilities for a smarter, more efficient future for your company.

We work with well-known brands such as:
Beckhoff, IFM, ABB, Festo, Schneider etc.

Protocols such as:
EtherCAT, Ethernet IP, Profinet, Modbus.

Engineering Standards such as:
V-model, ISA88.