Innovating means progress. A successful innovation adds value to the market. The innovation engineers at Famateq are ready to achieve this. We develop new techniques and solutions for the agricultural sector. Unique to Famateq are our innovative and sustainable grading and sorting solutions driven by artificial intelligence. They are easy to use and maintain, have modular design, a low energy usage and require only limited floorspace. Our team of engineers also develop and implement various robot-gripper applications, which increase the quality of your process. All our machinery is elaborated in detailed 3D drawings. This allows you to see what is being built in advance.

Master Picker

We are convinced that robotic product sorting is more efficient than sorting by hand. Whether your product is onions, potatoes, avocados, apples or tomatoes, good staff along the sorting line is hard to find, train and keep motivated. That’s why we’ve developed the Master Picker®: the next generation of sorting machines driven by artificial intelligence. With the ability to run 24/7, at a very high speed and with constant quality. Your efficiency will increase, paired with lower production cost. The Master Picker is sustainable, easy to use and  maintain and can be easily installed.

Modular Design

Thanks to the modular design, the machine can be expanded with additional robot modules. Even when adding the maximum of 3 additional modules, the machine remains compact at only 13-14 metres. Each robot module has 4 freely programmable product output shuts.